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Great Food…Good Company

Dining at Liberty Ridge is more than just a good meal, it is a social experience, since the next best thing to our delicious food is the people with whom you enjoy it. Everyday you'll get a chance to dine amongst friends and meet new neighbors. Not only is good company part of the dining experience at Liberty Ridge, so is convenience.

Say goodbye to your days of fretting over what to cook for dinner and washing pots and pans. And you can forget about having to carry a tray to your table. All meals are served restaurant style to ensure your comfort, safety and convenience. And best of all, no dirty dishes afterwards!

Our certified chef works tirelessly to ensure the perfect mix of taste and variety in every meal. Rolls and biscuits are often prepared from scratch. Bi-monthly food meetings are held in order for our chef to receive suggestions and new ideas from residents.

A variety of choices are offered for every meal, allowing you to choose those foods which are most appealing to your appetite. Breakfast includes your choice of any hot or cold breakfast delicacy….cooked to order. The noon-time meal is the primary meal of the day, featuring two or more delicious hot entrées. The evening meal is on the lighter side with several choices of soups, sandwiches, salads, and hot entrées. Home made desserts top off many meals.

We invite you to sample the food and experience dining at Liberty Ridge before making your decision to move here.

Liberty Ridge Senior Living Community Dining Room Photo Album


DEC 14,  2017 SUPPER MENU:                                   

1.   Chicken lo mein      Egg Roll

2.    Soup Beans      Cornbread

3.   Hot Vegetable Plate                                                                         

4.   Trio Plate w/Tuna, Ham, and Pimento

5.   Soup & Salad Bar         Soup Beans   Corn Bread 


Please Choose Items for your salad                 

     Coleslaw                      * Tomatoes

  • Chopped Lettuce             * Applesauce               
  • Bacon Bits                      *Dill Pickles                  
  • Cheese Cubes               * Cucumber
  • Carrots                          * Pears
  • Ranch                             * Italian                  
  • Honey Mustard            * Thousand Island
  • Blue Cheese                  *  Red French            


Liberty Ridge is a non-profit ministry of Eastland Church of God and is open to people of all faiths. Our goal is to offer hope to senior adults by providing quality housing and services in a caring Christian environment.

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Our Mission

To financially support quality living for residents of Liberty Ridge Senior Living through various forms of generous giving.

Liberty Ridge is a non-profit
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