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Assisted Living Apartments FAQs

What is the cost of Liberty Ridge’s Assisted Living Apartments?

Our monthly rental rates vary depending on the size and style of the apartment (studios, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom apartments). Monthly rental rates include almost everything a person would need to live comfortably. You can view the list of included services under the Amenities & Services tab. See our sales counselor for additional details.

Is transportation provided?

Yes. Weekly scheduled transportation for shopping is provided to our residents. Transportation for banking, the post office, and library services is also provided on an alternating basis weekly. Individual transportation for doctors, hair, and other appointments can be arranged with advance notice for a reasonable fee. Fees to defray the costs of vehicle operation and labor are nominal. In addition, many residents who qualify for service use the Red Cross Wheels program for transportation that can be scheduled in advance. Our Business Office can provide more details.

Are meals included in the cost?

Yes. Three hot, restaurant-style meals are included, along with between-meal snacks, such as fruit, cookies, pretzels, crackers, etc. Liberty Ridge’s dining services are managed by our trained chef, with input from our residents on a regular basis.

Does Medicare pay?

No. Medicare pays for rehabilitative services classified as skilled care. Liberty Ridge does not offer clinical services, as it is certified by the state for assisted living only. Also, the State of Kentucky does not include assisted living as a service eligible for Medicaid reimbursement. Liberty Ridge has residents who have their fees and expenses defrayed by long-term care insurance payments, however, residents are reimbursed after paying their monthly fees.

Are you based on income?

No. Liberty Ridge is a faith-based ministry of the Eastland Church however, we do not currently have the resources to provide services and accommodations based on income. The creation of a viable endowment fund to provide benevolence support is a long-term goal of our community and the Liberty Ridge Foundation.

Are pets allowed?

Yes. Liberty Ridge believes that pets can be a rewarding part of seniors’ lives and welcomes small pets of both residents and visitors as long as they are housebroken, well-behaved, and leashed when outside of apartments. Residents pay a monthly pet fee and accept the responsibility for walking, caring for, and cleaning up after their pets, indoors, and outdoors.

What is assisted living in Kentucky?

Assisted living is for those persons needing assistance with their activities and instrumental activities of daily living (ADL’s/IADL’s), such as dressing, grooming, bathing, medication, and meal preparation. In Kentucky, an assisted living residence that provides this type of care must undergo a certification process, and be inspected regularly by officials of the State to ensure that it complies with regulations for assisted living care. Assisted living in KY is a social model that provides the opportunity for those not needing daily medical attention to receive care in a more home-like setting and at a much more affordable cost. Liberty Ridge is one of only three such certified facilities in Lexington. Those needing medical care may receive it in their apartments from outside home health providers.

Are you staffed with nurses?

No. Liberty Ridge is certified by Kentucky as an assisted living community. As such, we are prohibited by Kentucky’s assisted living regulations from providing any skilled or clinical care for our residents. However, residents requiring occasional or routine skilled care may avail themselves of the many services offered by the home health providers regularly visiting Liberty Ridge.

How are you different from a personal care community?

Personal care communities are allowed by state regulations to employ clinical staff and do some clinical care. A significant difference in their ability to do medication administration and management, while assisted living facilities’ is permitted only to provide medication reminders. However, clinical staffing and services result in higher fees and charges, even for those residents who do not use them daily. In addition, personal care residents must still meet the same state eligibility criteria of being ambulatory or mobile/non-ambulatory, or be transferred to a nursing home.

Easy Living Garden Homes FAQs

Who is the sponsor of the Liberty Ridge Garden Homes?

Liberty Ridge Senior Living, Inc. was established in 1999 as a ministry of Eastland Church to help meet the growing need for quality affordable housing and services for area retirees. Liberty Ridge is a non-profit entity open to people of all faiths. Liberty Ridge Assisted Living opened in 2000 with 45 apartments and has since added 20 more units in 2003. It maintains an average occupancy of over 90 percent and is financially stable. Liberty Ridge is governed by a local board of directors and operates under the management of SeniorLife Solutions, Inc., a professional management company with more than 18 years of experience in operating housing for the elderly.

Who lives in Liberty Ridge’s Garden Homes?

The Garden Homes are designed for active retirees over the age of 60 who want to simplify their lifestyle while remaining in a residential, home-like setting. These senior living facilities come with a variety of optional programs and services to provide convenience, security, and peace of mind for the future. Some might like the idea of freedom from home maintenance in our maintenance-free community. Others come for the social opportunities available with neighbors who share their interests and values. Still, others come for the security and peace of mind of knowing that several lifestyle options are available to meet your future housing and care needs.

What are the homes like?

We have created a “front-porch” community, featuring homes with a large covered porch to encourage old-fashioned neighborhood socialization. Homes are arranged in pairs, single-level low-barrier living, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a one-car garage. We offer multiple floor plan options, including a four-season sunroom, upgraded flooring, crown molding, chair rail, and more. All of our homes are designed to meet the changing needs of older adults and allow for “aging in place.”

What is the financial arrangement?

A one-time refundable entrance fee will grant you occupancy for as long as you wish to live in the home. When you move out and the unit is issued to a new resident, you will receive a guaranteed minimum 75% refund of your entrance fee, plus 75% of any appreciation that was realized during your residency. Regardless of how many years you live in the home, you will be guaranteed a minimum of 75% of your original entrance fee, refunded to either you or your estate (upon your demise). (See our residency agreement for more information)

What Is the cost?

Please see our sales counselor for more information.

Is there a monthly service fee?

A base monthly service fee is assessed to cover the costs of basic interior and exterior building and grounds maintenance. Personalized maintenance services are offered for an additional fee. Please see our sales counselor for more information.

What does the monthly service fee include?

What about property tax?

At this time no property tax would be assessed, due to the sponsor being a non-profit organization. If future taxes are assessed by the governing authorities, they will be passed on to residents/ tenants.

What about property/homeowner’s insurance?

Liberty Ridge will be responsible for insuring the home structure. It will be your responsibility to insure your personal belongings. This can be done very inexpensively through an insurance agency.

How many homes are there?

We have built a total of 58 Garden Homes, consisting of a variety of sizes and floor plans. Please see our sales counselor for more information. At this time, there are no plans to build more homes due to limited buildable space on our site.

What is the process for reserving a Garden Home?

There is currently a waitlist for the Garden Homes. A $500 refundable deposit is required to secure a place on the waitlist. As homes become available, waitlist members are given first right of refusal according to the order in which they first submitted their deposits.

What about pets?

Pets are welcome under certain conditions (see our resident handbook for details). A non-refundable pet deposit is required.

Who will own title to the home/property?

Liberty Ridge will retain ownership of and responsibility for the property. That means we are responsible for maintaining, insuring and remarketing the unit when you pass away or decide to move out.

What if I need to move to the assisted living residence?

As a Garden Home resident, you will receive special priority access to move to the assisted living residences, over and above those coming from the outside community. In addition, if you have lived in the Garden Homes for a minimum of two years before moving the assisted living residence, you will receive a 10% discount off monthly rental fees.

What if I have a spouse who needs assisted living?

A spouse of any Garden Home resident who lives in the assisted living residences will receive an automatic 10% discount on their monthly rental fee.

What if my health changes suddenly and I have to move out after only one year?

Once Liberty Ridge has contracted for and received the entrance fee from the next occupant of your unit, you or your estate will receive 88% of your entrance fee or the resale price, whichever is greater. This calculation is based on a prorated refund adjustment rate of 1% per month for the 12 months of occupancy, totaling a 12% total reduction of refund.

What if my Garden Home does not ‘sell’ when I move out? When would I receive my refund?

Liberty Ridge currently has a paid waiting list of people wanting to move into the Garden Homes. However, if your home does not sell within eight months after you have vacated it, Liberty Ridge will refund you (or your estate) your entrance fee, according to the refund policy in your contract.



Can I come to the assisted living residence dining room for a meal?

Yes, certain services offered in the assisted living residence, such as meals and transportation, will be made available to Garden Home residents for a fee (limitations apply). You may also use the hair salon and gift shop.

What are the benefits of living at Liberty Ridge versus buying a condo?

  • Live in a community designed to meet the changing needs of seniors
  • Special user-friendly features allow for “aging-in-place”
  • Emergency response system monitored by on-site staff 24 hours every day
  • Access to the amenities and services offered in Liberty Ridge’s assisted living residences
  • A community of neighbors who share your interests and values
  • Priority access to move to the assisted living residence on campus
  • All-adult community, though we welcome children as guests
  • Sponsored by a faith-based, non-profit organization

I like to travel. Will you look after my home while I’m away?

Yes, you can “lock ‘n go.” We’re happy to look after your belongings while you’re away!

Memory Care Neighborhood FAQs

What is the cost?

Monthly rental rates depend upon the size of the private apartment occupied. Please get in touch with us at to request more information.

What is included in the monthly fee?

Our rental rate includes all utilities, 24/7 care from dementia-trained staff, three daily meals, snacks as appropriate, daily social activities and stimulation, bathing, dressing, grooming assistance, medication reminders, periodic toileting, occasional incontinence assistance, and escort services as needed. Linens for twin beds, washcloths, and towels are also provided via this fee.

Do you have nurses?

Liberty Ridge’s Memory Care Neighborhood does not have clinical staff on-site, as it is certified by the State of Kentucky for assisted living only. More often than not, residents displaying the early stages of dementia do not need skilled or clinical care in order to maintain their quality of life. In the event that medical or clinical care is occasionally needed, our residents obtain help via the numerous home health agencies that visit Liberty Ridge. In so doing, they pay for clinical care only when needed.

Are the units secure?

Although every effort is made to ensure that our memory care residents are secure and accounted for, state fire code requires that our alarmed exit and entrance doors have 30-second delayed egress features in the event of a fire. In recognition of this, we have a higher ratio of staff to residents to monitor their safety and security.

How will I know if my family member is suitable for Liberty Ridge’s Memory Care Neighborhood?

If your family member meets the requirements of KRS 194A.700-729 (that is, they are ambulatory/non-ambulatory but mobile, are not a danger to themselves or others, do not require skilled care, etc.), Liberty Ridge will assess their appropriateness for memory care. Our assessment considers criteria such as wandering, the severity of incontinence, ability to transfer, special diet needs, behavior, medication needs, etc. In addition, those moving into memory care are re-assessed on a continuous and routine basis in order to ensure that they can be safely cared for under Kentucky’s assisted living criteria and regulations.

What training does your staff have?

Our staff meets the training requirements outlined in Kentucky’s assisted living regulations and must annually complete 12 hours of dementia-specific courses. In addition, they must volunteer as a companion at the Best Friends Adult Daycare Center prior to employment to assess their suitability for memory care work.

Do your residents have opportunities for activities?

The Liberty Ridge Memory Care Neighborhood ministry is modeled after the Best Friend’s approach to dementia care. We are a person-centered community, thus we attempt to meet each resident’s needs based upon their capabilities, interests, and daily routines. We believe that activities are more than just recreation, but include any event that engages a resident mentally and physically to prolong his or her quality of life. Our goal is to foster independence and choice as much as possible. An example might be coaching a resident is doing his or her personal laundry or asking for their assistance in watering our flowers and plants. Our activities program also encompasses educational, spiritual, and recreational events designed around the challenges of memory loss. When appropriate, we emphasize outside activities such as walking, dining out, and physical exercise. Our goal is to daily provide every resident with opportunities to enjoy life.

Can residents take outings?

Liberty Ridge supports appropriate outings for our residents. Outings may be in the form of flying kites in the park, dining out, walking about our campus, shopping trips, going out for ice cream, or other events found enjoyable for our residents and staff. We often involve our volunteers in these outings, and we welcome family members and friends to accompany us wherever we go.

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