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Justin Linseisen, Director of Pastoral Care


“…in everything give thanks; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” -1 Thess. 5:18 NASB      


Growing up in Texas my family attended a small country church. We would often share in meals together, special singing, and were a very active church although we were in the middle of nowhere. I recall once hearing a song that was sung during service as a special that I have not forgotten. 


There’s a roof up above me; I have a good place to sleep. There is food on my table, and shoes on my feet. You gave me your love, Lord, and a fine family; thank you, Lord, for your blessings on me”


It was a short, simple, yet profound chorus that rings in my ears even now as I reflect on those words. 2020 has been a year. We all have faced changes, losses, transitions, and uncertainties this year. We all have watched the news, seen the graphs, and have felt the impact of a worldwide pandemic. We have all been impacted in some way or another by all that has gone on this year. I have heard so many people in my circle say something like… “I am so ready for a new year”. As we embark on a new month it is a month we call November that holds a day that is my favorite day of the month. Thanksgiving Day. 


In the midst of all that has happened this year, in the middle of the chaos and uncertainties we still have a day on the calendar as a day to give thanks. You may be thinking…” what is there to be thankful for?”. Well, for that I am glad you asked. This month we can cast a vote to elect men and women to represent the people on local, state, and national levels. That is the freedom we possess. I am thankful for that. Most of us who after reading this will read this from a smartphone, a computer, iPad, or laptop. Technology has, through social distancing, enabled many of us to be connected in a way that we could not be otherwise through this season. I am thankful for that. As I am writing this, the sun is out and shining giving its warmth even as the leaves fall and there is a crispness in the air. I am thankful for that. I have friends, near and far, who are apart of my life. I have a family who I love dearly and mean the world to me. I am thankful for that. 


In the middle of chaos and trials, there are promises from an all-knowing God who tells us He will be with us through the turbulent seasons in life. I am thankful for the ever-present God. This God promises forgiveness, grace, and mercy even though I do not deserve it and cannot earn it. I am thankful for that. There has not been a time that I have been in a place when I, or my family, did not have what we needed. I am thankful for a God who provides and takes care of His children. Looping back around to the beginning of this article, for the food on my table, shoes on my feet, family and friends, a warm and safe place to be, and that I am loved by a loving God… my friends, for these things and far more than I have time to write about, I am thankful. 


In a year or season where thankfulness seems hard to come by, let us spend time in the days ahead being thankful. May we intentionally work at seeing the blessings and goodness of God in our lives. May we look for the good that is around us. May we be thankful. I was reminded this week that Jesus, who would soon experience something we could not even imagine, was sitting with His friends and He was thankful. He was breaking bread with those friends who would soon watch Him allow His body to be broken for them and all people everywhere. He gave thanks amid a life-changing, history-making, world-shattering event that would change the course of human history. In the moments leading up to that Jesus, God in the flesh was thankful.


May we follow the example of Christ. 


Pastor Justin 

November Birthdays

Resident Birthday
Marilyn Pieratt Nov. 6th
Mary Ragan Nov. 9th
Lois Howard  Nov. 10th
Arnold Cosby Nov. 29th
Marcie Davis Nov. 30th 

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Terri Schneider, Community Director
Terri Schneider, Resident Care Coordinator


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Welcome our New Resident



Welcome our New Resident –  Millie Edwards

Millie was born in Troy, Ohio where she lived most of her life. She has two brothers and two sisters. She met her husband, Don in Springfield, Ohio. The couple was married for 54 years.


Millie has a  Masters Degree in Nursing from Cincinnati Nurse Training Hospital. Millie’s career was nursing and managing a medical office with five doctors.


Some of her hobbies include sewing, knitting, and sitting with her cat Snoopy.




Welcome our New Resident –  Maude McCarty


Maude resided in Toronto, Canada for fifty years, but was born and raised here in Lexington. She graduated from Lexington Catholic and attended the University of Kentucky and the University of Toronto earning her degree in Arts and Science. Maude worked as the Development Director at the University of Toronto School of Architecture.


Her hobbies include reading, sowing, and horseback riding. Her favorite author and former neighbor is Margaret Atwood. Maude’s favorite treat is baklava and her favorite meal is Pasta. Maude was an officer of the Toronto chapter of Daughters of the American Revolution.




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