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Help Grandparents Enjoy & Shine


Contributed by: Bruce Maples, Sales & Community Outreach Coordinator


Being a grandparent is a valuable source of joy and pride for many seniors. At Liberty Ridge, we want to create circumstances that allow seniors in our community to relish in that joy and pride as much as possible. So, we encourage storytelling, both one-on-one and when in groups. If poor memory is a concern, we suggest taking out photo albums to help the stories along. Another fun thing to do is to actually create photo albums and family trees.

We also “Help Grandparents Stay In Touch” with family members, as discussed in a previous Caregiver Tip. Whenever possible, we make it enjoyable for a grandchild to visit and create an environment that can lead to new memorable moments. For smaller children, we encourage board games or watching a favorite movie together. For adult grandchildren, it may be an afternoon tea, a walk around our beautiful campus, or watching a favorite movie together.

Our goal is to make the visit one that everyone looks forward to, truly enjoys the moment(s), and will want to do it again…and soon.

I invite you to discover the difference Liberty Ridge can make in your life or the life of someone you love.


I invite you to discover the difference Liberty Ridge can make in your life or the life of ss important. So, if bathing or putting on pajamas is difficult, we can assist with those activities earlier.


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