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Avoiding Heartburn During the Holidays


Contributed by: Bruce Maples, Sales & Community Outreach Coordinator


Meals are an important part of the day for those in our community. And with the holidays coming up, even more so. We do our best to meet the preferences of our residents and maintain time-honored traditions.                        


For example, we have those who suffer from heartburn. Their holiday meals will be a lot less enjoyable if they feel horrible afterward. For those seniors, we know they should steer clear of food and drink that makes their symptoms worse. That means avoiding alcohol, carbonated drinks, and citrus juices. We suggest our residents enjoy water, herbal teas, and plant-based milk and juices instead. With meals, we suggest they avoid spicy and fatty foods.


Holiday customs can make this a huge challenge. We watch portions to cut down on overeating. Another important step we take is to encourage walking after the meal instead of sitting down in front of the TV or taking a nap. This keeps the digestive system working more efficiently and takes advantage of gravity.


Another thing we do is encourage everyone to take the emphasis off of what they cannot eat and instead put the focus on the spirit of the season.


I invite you to discover the difference Liberty Ridge can make in your life or the life of someone you love.



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