Choosing a Senior Living Home Near Fayette County, Kentucky (KY) for Meals & Community Bonding Events

Reasons for Choosing a Senior Living Home

There are so many things to consider when you think about transitioning your aging loved one into a senior living or elder care facility that it can occasionally feel overwhelming. You obviously want to find a facility that will offer the care and amenities they need, as well as providing them with a place that can feel like home, and striking the right balance between those factors can be tricky. However, just as you would consider location when looking for a new home for yourself, considering location for your loved one’s senior living facility is absolutely crucial. Because of this, keep reading to learn why you should seek a senior living home and care in Lexington, KY.

Reason #1- Healthy & Delicious Meals

While we are sure that you want your loved ones to be happy when they are relocated, the primary reason for seeking senior living home and care is to ensure that they are comfortable and well taken care of. Everyone hears horror stories about the food served at some senior living facilities, but at Liberty Ridge, we want to make sure our residents are as happy and healthy as possible, so we always provide healthy and delicious meals. Our in-house chef often prepares biscuits and rolls from scratch, and we have bi-monthly food meetings to take into account requests and suggestions from residents. Plus, dining at Liberty Ridge is a social experience! We serve all meals restaurant-style to provide our residents with comfort, safety, and convenience.

Reason #2- Plenty to do

At Liberty Ridge, our life enrichment director carefully plans and selects daily activities to engage and entertain the residents of our senior living community, and we also strive to encourage lasting and meaningful bonds between neighbors.

Health is a priority in each of our activities. Join us for a daily exercise class, or treat yourself to a personal workout with our new fitness equipment, including hand weights, fitness balls, resistance bands and a stationary bicycle. The walking trail near our senior apartments provides an excellent combination of beautiful green space and exercise in fresh air.

We offer multiple celebrations every month, including¬ birthday parties. Mother’s Day comes with an afternoon tea for the women, and men are celebrated with a barbecue on Father’s Day. Western¬ themed parties and Hawaiian luaus are planned annually. Every holiday is a celebration with the Liberty Ridge family.

Liberty Ridge offers a variety of musical acts each month, including bluegrass bands, piano players, local choirs and more. We have a weekly prayer group, trivia, card games and Bingo. Our residents enjoy watching movies every Saturday and participate in a monthly book club.

Residents of our senior living community also enjoy outings to many local restaurants and attractions. Renfro Valley, the Kentucky Horse Park and Pioneer Playhouse are among frequented Kentucky treasures. Transportation is also provided to local banks, post offices and libraries.

Reason #3- Liberty Ridge Senior Living

Of all the reasons to consider a senior living home and care in Lexington, KY, perhaps the best one is Liberty Ridge Senior Living Community. We do more than care for your loved ones’ health and wellbeing. We truly try to care for their entire person, from providing them with restaurant quality dining, on site faith activities, community bonding events, and more. With Liberty Ridge, we want to ensure that your loved ones are being more than cared for. We want to ensure that they are thriving.

To learn more, contact Liberty Ridge Senior Living today.