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Importance of physical activities for seniors near Lexington, Kentucky (KY) including improved mental health.

Importance of Physical Activity for Seniors

Getting good exercise is far from being simply a good goal to make for the new year. It’s a lifestyle choice that will provide plenty of life-long rewards. And of course, getting quality physical activity isn’t just for young people. There are tons of benefits of physical activity for seniors, making it an important habit to maintain even with age. Here we discuss the benefits and importance of physical activity for seniors.

Improves Mental Health

Physical activity obviously helps keep your body healthy. But it is just as beneficial for the mind as well. Seniors are quite prone to feelings of depression and loneliness due to the effects of aging and increased isolation. Getting exercise produces endorphins, which is colloquially known as the “feel-good hormone.” Because of this, physical activity can be a powerful tool to improve overall mental health. 

Social Engagement

In the same vein, one of the most important benefits of physical activity for seniors is that it creates opportunities for social interaction. Since seniors often feel isolated due to a decreasing sense of independence and increasingly distant family members, finding opportunities for social engagement becomes more important with age. Participating in shared physical activity, such as walking or yoga, is always great for creating conversations and building social bonds. 

Reduced Risk of Disease

One major worry for older adults is the increased risk of suffering from chronic diseases or simply getting sicker from common illnesses. However, a fantastic way to prevent disease is to stay active. Regular exercise is known to boost immune function while reducing the risk of chronic conditions like diabetes or heart disease. 

Improved Coordination

While self-improvement and wellness are great benefits of physical activity for seniors, staying active also simply improves daily safety. Staying active improves strength, balance, and coordination, reducing the risk of falling. While falling is never pleasant in any stage of life, it is a much bigger danger for aging adults as it can result in injuries that take a long time to recover from or permanent immobility. 

Better Cognitive Function

A major concern with any aging adult is the onset of dementia. And while conditions like Alzheimer’s disease are often a result of genetics, many studies have shown that regular exercise reduces the risk of dementia while improving overall cognitive functioning.  

Physical Activity for Seniors at Liberty Ridge Senior Living

Here at Liberty Ridge Senior Living, we understand the importance of physical activity for seniors, which is why we create plenty of opportunities for our residents to stay active. We offer regular fitness programs designed specifically for older adults to engage in, such as exercise classes and a fitness center with exercise balls, weights, walking treadmill, and stationary bikes. In addition to opportunities for exercise, we also offer routine wellness classes where our residents learn about healthy living and how to best care for their bodies. 

Liberty Ridge Senior Living is proud to be a premier senior living and memory care community. We are located in Lexington, KY and serve all of Fayette County. Contact us today to learn more about physical activity for seniors and our facilities.

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