Why Your Loved One Needs Assisted Living Near Lexington, Kentucky (KY) for Care from Trained Professionals

Why your Loved One Needs Assisted Living

Making the decision to move your loved one into an assisted living, nursing home, or memory care facility is never an easy decision. After all, in many cases, these are the same people who took care of us when we were at our most vulnerable, so placing their care in the hands of others can be a scary thought. However, it is likely that you aren’t a medical professional or elder care specialist, so you may be ill-equipped to take care of your loved one in the ways that they need. If you are still on the fence about making the step to assisted living, the team at Liberty Ridge Senior Living is here to tell you why your loved one needs assisted living near Lexington, KY.

#1- You might not be able to give them the assistance and support they need


We all have professions, whether we’re teachers, businessmen, accountants, or any number of other things. This means that when it comes to teaching, running a business, doing taxes, or whatever it is that you’re trained in, you’re the expert. But, if you’re not trained in elder care, then it is likely best to leave this heavy task up to the professionals. Elder care is a combination of several different disciplines meant to fulfill all the needs of your senior family members, including medicine and psychology, resulting in it being a very specialized field. Rather than having to take on an extra degree or worrying that you may not be taking all the right steps, leave the hard work to the professionals so that you can spend your time with your loved ones the way that you want to.

#2- We strive to keep your loved ones comfortable


Unfortunately, we’ve all likely heard horror stories about corrupt or mismanaged elder care facilities. Even if you haven’t, the image of dingy, depressing nursing homes are a part of our cultural consciousness, and that can lead us to have a pessimistic outlook when it comes to deciding whether or not to place our loved ones in elder care facilities. However, Liberty Ridge looks nothing like these dated notions of what elder care is. Our facilities resemble comfortable apartment homes and couple the assisted living services that your loved ones need with amenities that they want, so they can be both comfortable and happy.

#3- We treat our residents like family, not patients


When you entrust your family to our care, we know that you are making an incredible leap of faith, which is why we strive to extend the same level of respect to your loved ones that you would have shown them yourself. If you want to see firsthand the impact that we have made on families, visit our testimonials page to hear from real people how we have cared for their loved ones.

We know this may be a difficult time for you, which is why we want to make it as easy and enjoyable as possible. If you have any questions about assisted living or any of our other services, contact Liberty Ridge Senior Living today. We are conveniently located in Lexington, KY, but we also proudly serve all of Fayette County.