Assisting Loved Ones Who Need Memory Care Near Fayette County, Kentucky (KY) Through Educating Yourself

Assisting Loved Ones Who Need Memory Care

Having a family member or loved one who has been diagnosed with a memory disorder like Alzheimer’s disease can be an incredibly difficult experience, but it doesn’t mean that your relationship with them cannot continue being fulfilling, rewarding, and full of love. We know that this can be a frustrating and emotional journey, but the elder care and memory care professionals at Liberty Ridge Senior Living are here to give you some guidance on assisting loved ones who need memory care near Fayette County, KY.

Educate Yourself

As with any major life change, the first step you should take when your loved one or family member is diagnosed with a memory disorder is to educate yourself. Memory disorders are complex medical conditions, and because they affect the brain, that only compounds the issue’s complexity. Medical professionals study for many years to understand the ins and outs of memory disorders, and while you don’t need to start applying to medical schools, internet searches through reputable, medically sound websites or a trip to your local library are a great way to get started educating yourself on what your loved one’s condition entails, and how you can best make them comfortable. Another great way to educate yourself is to join an Alzheimer’s and Dementia Support Group. Liberty Ridge has an Alzheimer’s Association sponsored support group that meets the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month. Check with the Alzheimer’s Association for other groups offered.

Help with Daily Tasks

Your loved one is still the same person they have always been, but as a memory disorder progresses, it can become more difficult for them to remember to accomplish various aspects of their typical schedule or to-do list. Going grocery shopping for or with them, offering to take care of laundry or clean, or even walking their dog or feeding their pets can be a massive help, both to help ensure that all of their needs are being attended to, and to show that there is a support system of people who are ready to care for them through their disorder.

Consider a Memory Care Facility

Unfortunately, memory disorders are often degenerative, which means that they get worse over time and their effects become more and more debilitating. As we mentioned earlier, the specifics of memory disorders like Alzheimer’s are complex, and ultimately the only person who knows how to truly care for a patient with a memory disorder is a trained professional. If you find that you and your family are no longer able to provide the care that your loved one needs, an assisted living facility with a specific memory care focus, like the Heritage Garden Memory Care Neighborhood here at Liberty Ridge Senior Living, is likely your best option. Our team of experts is highly trained in how to best ensure the comfort, happiness, and care of people with memory disorders, so you can focus on making the most of your relationship with your loved one while we focus on their needs.

While it can be emotionally difficult to accept that your loved one has a memory disorder, it does not mean that your relationship with them is over. By taking a few simple steps, or allowing the professionals at Liberty Ridge Senior Living to care for them, you and your loved one can continue to have meaningful interactions. To learn more, contact us today. We are conveniently located in Lexington, KY, but we also proudly serve all of Fayette County, KY.