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Assisted Living to Fight Loneliness near Fayette County, Kentucky (KY) with Solutions to Common Questions

Assisted Living to Fight Loneliness

We don’t like to think that our loved ones and family members are lonely. After all, these are often the people who raised us and have kept us company throughout our lives. However, it is an unfortunate fact that America’s seniors are in the midst of what many are calling a “loneliness epidemic.” Not only can this have negative impacts on their mental health, but loneliness can also have significant negative impacts on their physical health, as well. In fact, loneliness has been shown to have roughly the same negative impact on someone’s life expectancy as smoking six cigarettes a day. Because of this, it is impossible to overstate the importance of ensuring the social wellbeing of your elderly loved ones in addition to their physical and mental wellbeing. If you are looking for a way to ensure your loved ones are getting the care that they need, keep reading to let the team at Liberty Ridge Senior Living tell you about assisted living to fight loneliness near Fayette County, KY.

Why are seniors struggling with loneliness?

In general, much of the world is currently in the grips of the “loneliness epidemic.” Our global economy has resulted in many people moving far away from their families and friends, and the internet has both made it easier and more difficult to meet new people. But seniors in particular have unique challenges that can result in them struggling with loneliness. Many seniors live alone, having potentially lost a spouse, and are likely not living in the same home as adult children or grandchildren. Additionally, many seniors are dealing with chronic health issues that can impact their mobility and independence, making it even harder to get out and socialize. Because of this, assisted living to fight loneliness is incredibly important.

What is assisted living to fight loneliness?

Senior may seek assisted living for a variety of different reasons. Many seek assisted living communities because of health issues that make it difficult for them to live independently. Having optional personal assistance on site makes it easier for seniors to retain their dignity and independence while also ensuring they stay healthy. However, one of the great benefits of assisted living communities is the social life they provide. Communities vary in size, but having other seniors living in the same area provides your loved ones with a built-in social group that can alleviate feelings of isolation. Assisted living to fight loneliness is a completely valid reason to seek a senior living community.

What does Liberty Ridge offer?

We offer a wide variety of different services for assisted living to fight loneliness. One of the greatest benefits of choosing to partner with Liberty Ridge is the emphasis we place on life enrichment in addition to convenient services and security. Our on-campus staff members organize routine social events, outings, groups, and more to ensure that your loved ones are engaged, happy, and feel like a part of our community.

To learn more about assisted living to fight loneliness, contact Liberty Ridge Senior Living today! We are conveniently located in Lexington, KY, but we also proudly serve all of Fayette County.

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