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Memory care for seniors near Lexington, Kentucky (KY) including our Heritage Gardens Memory Care Neighborhood

Memory Care for Seniors

One common form of support many seniors find themselves needing is quality memory care. A tough reality that comes with aging is the possibility of declining memory because of Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia. This experience can be incredibly distressing for both seniors and their family members. Having a memory care system in place for seniors can help them experience richer lives and relationships even amidst symptoms related to memory loss.

Memory Loss in Seniors

While aging isn’t the exclusive cause of memory loss problems, it is one of the biggest risk factors for experiencing dementia, which is the decline of memory, language, thinking skills, and other cognitive functions. 

The most common form of dementia in seniors is Alzheimer’s disease, a progressive condition that results in the patient losing memories of events, having trouble recognizing friends and family, and struggling to retain newly learned information. Alzheimer’s is not a typical part of aging but is most commonly experienced in seniors. However, there is a possibility for early-onset Alzheimer’s, which affects roughly 200,000 Americans below the age of 65. 

The first signs of dementia often occur when someone struggles to remember new information and progresses to more severe symptoms, such as disorientation, changes in behavior and mood, becoming suspicious of friends and family members, and difficulty eating and speaking.

Causes of Dementia

The most common cause of Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia is genetics. Patients tend to experience the most pronounced symptoms of dementia with age. There are currently no known cures for Alzheimer’s disease, although scientists generally agree that lifestyle choices play a role in the risk of developing dementia. Having a healthy diet, not smoking, limiting drinking, and getting regular exercise are all believed to reduce the risk of dementia.

Because there is no way to eliminate the risk of developing dementia and there are no known cures, it can be a troubling diagnosis to hear. But having the right support in a memory care facility can give families and patients experiencing dementia more peace of mind.

Benefits of Memory Care for Seniors

One of the main concerns for patients with dementia is safety. Seniors with dementia are at a greater risk of harming themselves because they begin to forget how to do normal tasks along with an increasing sense of paranoia. Seniors are also at a greater risk of wandering off on their own and becoming lost due to forgetting where they’re staying. 

As opposed to a conventional senior living facility, memory care centers have fewer residents per staff member, allowing each resident to get more personalized care and attention. Having the support of specialized memory care staff also makes life more peaceful for residents and allows friends and family members to have safer and more fulfilling visits. 

Here at Liberty Ridge Senior Living, we are proud to offer high-quality memory care at our Heritage Garden Memory Care Neighborhood. We are located in Lexington, KY and serve all of Fayette County. Contact us today to learn more!

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