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Assisted living for seniors near Lexington, Kentucky (KY), including wellness programs and memory care.

Importance of Assisted Living for Seniors

There are certain adjustments we need to make as we age, and our lives change. One aspect of life that seems to diminish for older adults is a sense of independence. But since maintaining independence and freedom to make choices for themselves is important seniors, our team at Liberty Ridge works hard to balance the importance of assisted living for seniors with essential freedom of choice and safety practices. 

Importance of Assisted Living for Seniors

As adults age, they’ll find themselves lacking the physical strength and mental sharpness they used to have, which is what allowed them to enjoy independent living for decades. This loss can become very distressing for seniors and contributes to several problems. However, maintaining individuality greatly improves the lives of seniors in a variety of ways. 

When seniors can maintain elements of independent living, they have improved mental health and experience lower levels of depression and anxiety. By preserving a strong sense of identity, seniors will find more joy and fulfillment in their daily activities. 

When you help your elderly community, members maintain some level of independence, you also create space for physical wellness. When older adults stay active, they experience improved balance and coordination, which is important for avoiding falls and simply feeling confident in themselves. Not to mention, physical fitness also improves cognitive functioning and overall mood while leading to a longer life. 

Not only is independent living important for having a more complete sense of self-worth and purpose, but it is also known to help with memory skills. Having opportunities to stay engaged in productive activities they enjoy creates the kind of cognitive stimulation that can help slow the effects of memory loss. 

Assisted Living at Liberty Ridge

At Liberty Ridge Senior Living, we carefully create an environment where our residents have the freedom, they need to live their most fulfilling and joyful lives. Our seniors enjoy regular fitness and wellness classes, opportunities to create art, and regular social gatherings they can attend at their leisure. 

All of this is done in an environment where safety is always a priority. Our facilities also feature walking paths that allow them to get fresh air and not feel confined in their living spaces. Our staff members are always monitoring walkways and other areas of the facility to ensure every resident stays safe. We also take care of cleaning to ensure our residents don’t need to worry about strenuous activity that could result in falls or injury. 

Each resident also undergoes regular functional needs assessments, so they’ll get additional support when they need it. This way, they’re always able to enjoy a good balance of independence and safety while they go about their days at our community. 

Here at Liberty Ridge Senior Living, we are proud to provide a premium senior living community experience for our residents. We are located in Lexington, KY, and proudly serve all of Fayette County. Contact us today to learn more about our facilities, how we provide independent living for seniors, and our memory care program. 

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