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Fitness Tips for Seniors — Part I

It’s easy to become more and more sedentary as you age. Whether you have a health condition, stiff joints, or simply fell out of your fitness routine, many older Americans aren’t getting the exercise they need.

In part one of our two-part series, we’ll explain why regular exercise is important for seniors before turning our attention to several fitness tips for seniors that can help you stay active, safe, and healthy for years to come.

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The Importance of Fitness for Seniors

A few of the many benefits of regular exercise include: 

  • Metabolism: Your metabolism will inevitably slow as you age, but exercising regularly can help you burn calories and maintain a healthy metabolic rate.
    Immune function: As a senior, it’s important to keep yourself as healthy as possible. People who exercise regularly tend to have a lower risk of chronic disease and a greater ability to fight off viruses.
  • Mobility: You probably know people who have strained a muscle or injured themselves by falling. Regular exercise will improve your flexibility and balance, helping you to stay safe in your day-to-day life.
  • Sleep: Sleep is one of the most important gifts you can give your body, especially as you age. Exercise doesn’t just make it easier to fall asleep, it also boosts the quality of your sleep.
    Cognitive health: Cognitive health is a priority for almost all older adults. Exercising regularly will reduce your risk of cognitive decline and can also slow the progression of diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

Given that regular exercise can improve your life in so many ways, it’s important to exercise in a way that is both safe and sustainable.

Fitness Tips

Take It Slow

As a senior, it’s important to give your body time to adjust to any lifestyle changes you make. Always speak with your physician before you begin an exercise regimen, as you may need to adjust your workouts to accommodate certain health conditions. This recommendation includes any physical activities you participate in while living in our senior living apartments.

Recruit a Friend

You’re not alone if you have a difficult time finding the motivation to stick to a routine. Many older Americans have a hard time staying motivated in the gym, and finding a workout buddy is a great way to help yourself stay on track. Whether you meet each other for walks or group fitness classes held at our assisted living apartments, having another person to keep you accountable is one of the best ways to maintain a healthy routine!

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We plan to continue this post in a second installment, so be sure to keep an eye on our blog page.

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