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2020 Assisted Living Trends for Families

Here at Liberty Ridge Senior Living, we see ourselves as caregivers, taking care of your loved ones and family members the way that we are sure you want them to be treated. However, assisted living and elder care are industries, and like any other, they have innovations and trends that we keep track of in order to be able to take the very best care possible of your loved ones. Just as innovations in car manufacturing make cars safer and more efficient, and innovations in education ensure that your children are able to become their very best selves, innovations in assisted living and elder care enable us to not only meet your loved ones’ needs, but to make sure they are happy and fulfilled. Because of this, keep reading to let the team at Liberty Ridge Senior Living tell you about 2020 assisted living trends for families near Lexington, KY.

Trend #1- Nostalgia Therapy

As with many of the things on this list, much of what we can offer to your loved ones is possible because of advanced in both technology and in our own imaginations. If you have ever watched the episode “San Junipero” from sci-fi anthology series Black Mirror, you are already somewhat familiar with the concept of nostalgia therapy. Nostalgia therapy is an assisted living technique that is especially useful for those experiencing memory disorders, and works by replicating periods in time that your loved one would recall fondly, such as the time when they were children, teenagers, or new adults. Not all assisted living communities have jumped on the trend of nostalgia therapy, but we imagine that more and more communities will begin to offer this unique service.

Trend #2- Beyond LifeAlert

We’re all familiar with the iconic LifeAlert commercials, and while they may be seen as comically misguided by some, the concept of wearable technology that can ensure your elderly loved ones’ health and wellbeing is still a concept that we are exploring in the assisted living sector. Rather than just signaling help if your loved one were to fall or experience a medical emergency, new technologies will also be able to track vital signs, similar to the wearable fitness trackers that are so popular now, to anticipate medical needs before they actually occur.

Trend #3- Extreme Growth

You likely have encountered at least one news report that warns of the oncoming “silver wave,” where unprecedented percentages of the American population will enter retirement age en masse. While this isn’t necessarily something to be afraid of, it does signal that the assisted living and elder care sectors are expected to grow, which will not only result in more assisted living communities being opened, but will also likely push innovation to places we have not even considered yet. The future of assisted living is looking bright, so you can rest easy leaving your loved ones and family members in our care.

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