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Assisted Living Apartments for Seniors near Fayette County, Kentucky (KY) more Social Interaction for Loved Ones

Assisted Living Apartments for Seniors

There is a good chance that you live in a house and not an apartment and your parents likely did the same. Even in a metropolitan area like Fayette County, over half of Lexington residents live in homes that they own. This means that when you are considering assisted living for the seniors in your life, you may not initially be comfortable with apartment-style communities, particularly if you have never lived in one yourself. However, while private homes do have a host of benefits that make them a cornerstone of the American dream, apartments are ideal when it comes to assisted living for a number of reasons. Still, if you find yourself unsure as to whether this is appropriate for your loved ones, we are here to clear up some misconceptions. Keep reading to let the team at Liberty Ridge Senior Living tell you about the benefits of assisted living apartments for seniors near Fayette County, KY.

#1. Carefree Living

Many of us can only conceive of living in private homes. However, houses that we own also come with a host of problems that homeowners all know about. One of the biggest is that you are now solely responsible for the upkeep of your home. While this might be feasible—even if it is frustrating—when you are young and healthy, the older you get, the harder it is to maintain a private residence. This is one of the major reasons why assisted living apartments are ideal for seniors. Like other apartment homes, assisted living apartments have a full maintenance crew at their disposal, so whether a pipe bursts, a window gets stuck, or a light bulb simply needs to be changed, you can rest easy knowing that there will always be someone available to keep your loved ones comfortable and happy.

#2. Minimal Cleaning

Many seniors speak of downsizing well before they are in a position to consider assisted living. Our parents and grandparents lived in a time of prosperity, and likely have sizable homes that they occupy by themselves. Cleaning this space can become a strain for our elderly loved ones which is another reason why assisted living apartments are ideal. These homes are necessarily smaller, which means that your loved ones will have only a limited space that they are tasked with cleaning.

#3. On-Site Socializing

The seniors in our country are dealing with an epidemic of loneliness. While you may worry that your loved ones will miss you terribly if they relocated to an assisted living community, the opposite may in fact be true. Communities like assisted living apartments provide your elderly loved ones with a built-in social circle of people their age who will have the same cultural touchstones that they do, ensuring that they always have others to spend time with. Our robust schedule of social events only enhances the joy your loved ones will feel when they meet all of their new friends and neighbors.

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