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Giving To The Foundation

Support quality living through generous giving

Cash Gifts or Certificates of Deposits
Cash gifts are welcomed for general as well as designated purposes according to the interests of the donor and the policies and priorities of the Liberty Ridge Foundation.


Negotiable Securities
Stocks that have increased in value are popular assets used for charitable giving once they have been held for a minimum of a year.


Savings Bonds
Savings bonds represent major assets that may have stopped growing and may now be available as attractive gifts.


Real Estate
Using real estate, such as a house, farm, or commercial property, to fund a gift allows you to preserve your cash assets and receive significant tax advantages.


Savings Bonds
Savings bonds represent major assets that may have stopped growing and may now be available as attractive gifts.


Life Insurance
Policies transferred to the Foundation or new policies naming Liberty Ridge Foundation as the owner and beneficiary of a life insurance policy allow you to make good use of your resources and expand your ability to make a significant contribution to our senior living apartments.


IRAs and Retirement Plans
The Liberty Ridge Foundation can be named as a beneficiary of the proceeds. These plans are often an unattractive asset to leave to children due to the associated tax burden.


A gift in Kind or Tangible, Personal Property
Donations of services and non-cash gifts such as automobiles, furniture, art, jewelry may be accepted providing they reflect the needs and mission of the Foundation. It is the donor’s responsibility to provide a written estimate of the fair market value.


Remembering Liberty Ridge in your will provides future support and allows you to determine how your property will be distributed. Bequests should be made to the Liberty Ridge Foundation.

Helping You Make The Right Choice

We would be pleased to answer your questions or discuss how best to make a donation to The Liberty Ridge foundation. Please contact:


Bruce A. Maples                                                                                                                Sales / Community Outreach Coordinator                                                                (859) 543-9449                                                              



or Mail to:


Liberty Ridge Foundation
701 Liberty Ridge Lane
Lexington, KY 40509


Gifts should be made payable to “The Liberty Ridge Foundation.”

How Your Gifts Will Be Used

Designated Gifts

Life Care Fund
Assists residents who become unable to pay the full cost of their care.


General Endowment Fund
Ensures the continued mission of the Liberty Ridge Foundation and Liberty Ridge Senior Living including new and innovative programs such as the memory care neighborhood.


Capital Improvements and Special Projects Fund
Contributes to capital improvements or special projects at any of the Liberty Ridge Senior Living communities. Examples of projects may include, but are not limited to, a Liberty Ridge chapel or healing gardens for the memory care neighborhood.


Undesignated Gifts

Enables unrestricted contributions for general operations or whatever needs are most prominent as determined by Foundation staff.

Quality Advice for Your Future

For a referral to estate planning and administration, you may contact:


Gregory D. Pavey, Esq.
300 West Vine Street, Suite 2100
Lexington, KY 40507-1801

Ways To Give

Outright Gifts You Make Today

Providing the Foundation with a gift today allows you to enjoy the benefits of knowing you’ve made a difference in life at Liberty Ridge Senior Living. With your gift, you could become a member of the Liberty Legacy Society, the Liberty Partners, or the Liberty Friends.


Charitable Lead Trust
You transfer assets into the trust, you make ongoing payments to charity, and the remaining trust balance goes to your heirs after your death.


Gifts That Pay You Income

Charitable Gift Annuity
You make a gift to LRF (minimum $10,000), and we agree to pay you a fixed amount for the rest of your life (or lives, for a two-person example). Immediately or upon your death, the amount remaining for charity is distributed according to your wishes. You receive tax deduction and an income.


Charitable Remainder Trust
You transfer assets into the trust, you receive payments for personal use for a set period of time, and the remaining trust balance goes to charity.


Gifts Benefiting After Your Lifetime

Fund Memorials and Endowments
Give a home, but live there for life (a vacation home, for example)

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