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Welcome Our New Residents

John Garcia grew up an only child in Columbus, Texas.  Before he could finish high school he was drafted into the U.S. Army.  He married Vernetta in 1951.  The couple have two children together, a son and a daughter.  John was career military and served as a first sargeant in the U.S. Army.  His time in the military led John to many places such as Germany, Japan, Australia, and Korea. 

John lost his wife to cancer after 42 years of marriage.  He later met and married a wonderful women named Geneva from his church.  He lost sweet Geneva in 2012 but has maintained a wonderful relationship with her son, Clint. 

Today John enjoys sports, television, and spending time with family and his dear friend Betty Bellamy.  He is a long time member of Eastland Church of God and enjoys visiting with his church family.

Gordon & Mary Myles - Gordon is a native of Canada.  He joined the Royal Candadian Air Force and served as a gunner in World War II.  After three years in the service, Gordon returned home and married his highschool sweetheart, Jean.  During these years Gordon worked as a traveling auditor for Emperor Oil and in distribution and logistics for companies such as Revlon and Becton Dickinson.  After a long battle with cancer, Gordon lost his beloved Jean. 

While leaving work on a rainy night, he offered a ride home to a lovely young lady with a broken down car.  That you lady recognized the nice man as the fellow who worked across the street from the bank where she was employed.  The couple shared a one year courtship before marrying in 1991.  That young lady was Mary. 

Mary is the proud mother of two sons.  Gordon and Mary lived in Summerville, N.C. for 13 years.  Mary worked for IBM in the parts room and as a secretary at a home health company.  They also lived in New York for six years, where Mary worked in special education administration for the Highland Park school district.  Mary has always had an interest in politics and she enjoys reading mystery and history novels. 

Gordon enjoys his daily walk and household duties.

Liberty Ridge is a non-profit ministry of Eastland Church of God and is open to people of all faiths. Our goal is to offer hope to senior adults by providing quality housing and services in a caring Christian environment.

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To financially support quality living for residents of Liberty Ridge Senior Living through various forms of generous giving.

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