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Remote Control Batteries, Snow and a Flair for Hair

Richard Fenwick-Jolly, Director of Maintenance

Just recently we had an issue with a garden home resident's remote control for thier garage door.  I called in Overhead Door Company to inspect and service the equipment.  It turned out that the only issue was the battery in the remote control.  The experienced engineer informed me that out of all the different brands of batteries available for remote controls, Duracell batteries can have a tendency to upset the remote control even though the batter is not low in power.  On my part I have investigated this claim and have found information for and against that above statment.  I can only suggest that if you are using this brand and your remote control appears to hiccup now and again, change your brand of battery.

I have been asked why we do not start clearing snow as soon as it starts snowing.  If we lived in New York, we would start clearing snow within an hour or so of it starting, as New York gets a lot more snow in one hit than we do.  For example more, often than not we measure snow fall in Lexington by the inch but in New York it's often measured by the foot so they would have blooked roads very quickly.  Consequently here at Liberty Ridge we try to start clearing snow once it has stopped snowing unless we have a New York style down fall.  Sometimes we have minimal snow coverage so we will just salt everything in an attempt to avoid icing but please bear in mind that salt only works down to a certain temperature.  So at O' Fahrenheit (or there about) salt will not work.

Here at Liberty Ridge we do not get the amout of traffic that is seen on New Circle road, and as we know traffic helps to clear the roads by tire friction.  I do suggest if we have snow or worse (ice) that you try to avoid going out.

A Flair for Hair...

We have a new hair stylist manning our salon in the Big House, her name is Rita.  So Brain and I surprised her on a salon cleanup day to test her ability to cope with any sort of band hair day.  

On my part the only problem Rita had was finding my hair.  Whereas Brain has enough to share around, but is very picky on how his hair should be styled.  I have to say with Rita's vast experience on all types of hair, she was up to the challenge, be it for the ladies or the men and in Brian's case boy's.  As you can see in one of the phots Brain was being very vocal on how his style should look but once under the dryer his only complaint was he could not find his favority magazine "Puppies World".

Both Brian and I agree that Rita passed our rigorous test and can confirm that no matter the hair problem (male or female), Rita is up to the task.  I think I had better add that Brian will not go near a hair salon unless it's clean-up day as he is very fussy about having the odd human hair compromising his good looks.


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