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A FREE PHONE for you from ClearCaptions

Our Life Enrichment Director Sarah has pin pointed a useful phone for all our residents, and what's more it's FREE if you qualify.

First let me impart a few details about what makes this phone so special.  (1) This phone has a touch screen for easy use.  (2) If you're speaking to your favority niece you not only hear what she has to say but also read what she is saying.  (3) This phone is designed for the hearing impaired but it also aids those of us with less than perfect eyesight.

A sample phone and information is located in the front lobby of the main building where you will see this phone in action.  This phone is FREE for those that are hearing impaired but if you do not qualify the cost would be $75 onetime charge and if you move to another address the phone would go with you.  

Sarah and Richard will be able to answer questions about this phone at our next residents meeting on February 7th.

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