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From Your Pastor's Desk

Justin Linseisen, Director of Pastoral Care

Greetings friends!  The last month has been quite interesting.  Snow fell, temperatures bottomed out and it was cold!  Flu season has been wrecking the region, and we battled illness almost two weeks at Liberty Ridge.  Thankfully, things are on the up and up around here.  As we are settled into this new year we look forward to what opportunities will arise.

Last month while I was doing a little reading, I turned to the Old Testament book of Ezra.  I began to read the words in the very first chapter when they stopped me in my tracks!  The King, Cyrus, received a word from the Lord God.  The way the witter painted this picture though was that the Lord stirred the spirit of the king.  Simple, this is just a part of the story of how the Lord moved and worked for His purpose to be done.  I was struck by those words of the Lord stirring the spirit of the king.  It got me thinking about times in my life when the Lor had stirred my spirit.  To be stirred by the Lord there are a few things that we must do.  First, we must pay attention.  To be stirred by the Lord we need to be paying attention to His Spirit in our lives.  We must be sensitive to God moving and working in us and around us.  Not only are we to pay attention, be we also need to act on what He stirs within our spirit.  Cyrus was stirred to build a house in Jerusalem for the Lord.  He was stirred, he was paying attention, and then he acted on that stirring from God.  We, too, need to have the courage and faith to act upon what God stirs within us to do.

When was the last time you recall the Lord stirring within you spirit?  Maybe the Lord simply wants to teach you something, or grow and aspect of your faith in Him.  Do you tend to listen to the stirrings of the Lord?  Are you paying attention to His stirrings?  Do you respond to His stirring with courage and faith, or do you respond in fear or dismissal?  May we all be open and wiling to allow the Spirit of God to move and work in our hearts and in our lives in this new year.

Just as reminder, Heritage Church meets each Sunday at 10am in the dining hall at Liberty Ridge.  We also are continuing our Garden Home Bible studies on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of each month, as well as Heritage Hymn Sings on the 3rd Wednesday of each month!  Come and be apart of what is happening in the community.


Pastor Justin

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