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Resident Care

Terri Schneider, Resident Care Coordinator

Sit back and relax for the wild ride with our Kentucky winter weather.  We made it through a couple of rounds of snow and I'm sure we will be in for more during the February month, so be careful when you get out and about!

Also, we continue to be in oneof the worst flu seasons in recent years.  We aslo had the awful stomach bug in our building which affected lots of us, including residents, famiies and staff.  If you are experiencing any of the following flu or stomach bug symptoms, please stay home and do not return to the building until 24-hours AFTER your last symptoms, so as to not spread your illness to others;

* Fever

* Cough and sore throat

* Muscle or body aches and chills

* Headache


*Nausea and vomiting


Liberty Ridge is a non-profit ministry of Eastland Church of God and is open to people of all faiths. Our goal is to offer hope to senior adults by providing quality housing and services in a caring Christian environment.

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To financially support quality living for residents of Liberty Ridge Senior Living through various forms of generous giving.

Liberty Ridge is a non-profit
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