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Financial Support Appreciated.



Ways to Give

Outright gifts you make today

Providing the Foundation with a gift today allows you to enjoy the benefits of knowing you've made a difference in life at Liberty Ridge Senior Living. With your gift, you could become a member of the Liberty Legacy Society, the Liberty Partners, or the Liberty Friends. There are many types of gifts that you can make today click below or Donate Now at this link.

What to Give

Charitable Lead Trust
You transfer assets into the trust, you make ongoing payments to charity, and the remaining trust balance goes to your heirs after your death.

Gifts that pay you income

Charitable Gift Annuity
You make a gift to LRF (minimum $10,000), and we agree to pay you a fixed amount for the rest of your life (or lives, for a two-person example). Immediately or upon your death, the amount remaining for charity is distributed according to your wishes. You receive tax deduction and an income.

Charitable Remainder Trust 
You transfer assets into the trust, you receive payments for personal use for a set period of time, and the remaining trust balance goes to charity.

Gifts benefiting after your lifetime

Fund Memorials and Endowments
Give a Home, but live there for Life  (a vacation home, for example)

Liberty Ridge is a non-profit ministry of Eastland Church of God and is open to people of all faiths. Our goal is to offer hope to senior adults by providing quality housing and services in a caring Christian environment.

Liberty Ridge Foundation

Our Mission

To financially support quality living for residents of Liberty Ridge Senior Living through various forms of generous giving.

Liberty Ridge is a non-profit
ministry and mission of